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About 10,000 mammograms and 10,000 diagnostic mammograms are performed each year at Rush, along with 2,000 breast ultrasound and interventional procedures . Arranged the Breast Imaging Center at Rush Professional Building at 1725 W. Harrison St. Suite 155th.

Rush ACR voluntary underwent rigorous review process as meeting as meeting nationally recognized standards. We are very proud of this designation, said Dr. Peter Jokich, Director of Breast Imaging Section at Rush. It recognizes the quality of every aspect of the center. Our employees are considered to highly qualified to perform and met to interpret breast images. Than our devices , or even with all quality assurance and safety was named exceeded. .‘for the patient, is take home message that it is refer for for expected pain function of function by the surgeon and in the class in before a total joint replacement, make sure the expectations of the physician and the patient are related to discuss, ‘said Dr. Gonzalez Della Valle.

Award Based on the findings of this pilot study, that NIH Dr. Ghomrawi a five yr Career Development Award. ‘The hope in a position to study the relationship between expectations unconformity and several results on the road Return results including rehabilitation of dismissed and 6 months and two -year follow -up functional outcomes, ‘wrote Ghomrawi. ‘We are trying find out what articles which discordance are clinically significant. Then we want to Use this every this information in order to review the doctor patient the dialog as well as the class content , so that expectations are aligned further improve ‘.