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More than 2,000 nurse – midwives, nurses and other women in the health of the U.S. And around the world are expected the Annual Meeting the Annual General Meeting check here . The meeting offers educational sessions on more than 50 subjects. Women’s health experts ‘Each year that is ACNM annual meeting of the nation’s leading educational forum on all aspects of women’s health, as well as the leading networking event and business meeting for obstetrics and women’s health community,’said ACNM Executive Director Lorrie Kline Kaplan. ‘For the first time ACNM use this crown jewel event, local consumers and the public visibility of the high quality and comprehensive services of certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives. CNMs and CMS are the nation ‘s leading experts on the health of women and we look forward to channeling this expertise in order to create an excellent experience for women of the Boston metropolitan area and beyond. ‘.

Cook Medical provides innovative treatment for recto-vaginal fistulasCook Medical, one of the largest private medical device company, announced a major step forward in the treatment of recto-vaginal fistulas, abnormal contracts between a women’s rectum and vagina form. The recto-vaginal Fistula Surgisi Biodesign communicates with the body of the patient, signal surrounding tissue over over the stopper close close the fistula. This action supports the healing process by attracting cells and nutrients to the wounded area. After the healing process is complete, the Surgisis Biodesign Recto – Vaginal Fistula Plug detected and leaves a strong repair.


A new instrument a new tool which makes it available at identify and quantify multiple different clinically important proteins in a single tumor samples conventional coloring. Currently, pathologist usually require a separate tissue slice for every protein them want examine, which makes it impossible see how molecules interacting within individual cells.

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