3 Patients Association: The new dental contract: full of holes and causing pain get information here.

3 Patients Association: The new dental contract: full of holes and causing pain, March 2008.4 The Health Select Committee has just finished taking oral evidence from a wide range of stakeholders, including patient groups, commissioners of dentistry, dentists and the Department of Health. get information here

– House of Commons House of Commons ‘ Health Select Committee, that 47 percent dental reforms. – ‘The BDA will continue to call for action to tackle the flaws in this target – based system and is also actively on the local level to support the commissioning of dentistry that really met the needs of the population Dental Contractor are by their Primary Care Trusts commissioned to deliver a fixed number of units of dental activity annually, in their contract in their contract is written. It is the only measure to determine whether a contractor with the contract with the contract. . BDA analysis of data by the NHS Business Services Authority supplies showed the first year of the contract, 47 percent of dental contractor of at least 96 percent of the contracted number UDAs have failed. Here are the latest figures available. If a contractor exceeds the number of contracted UDAs they will not be paid for this extra work, stakeholders, includingot reach their destination, they risk to to pay back money to the PCT, which can run into thousands of pounds.

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