A growing number of obese adolescents have the metabolic syndrome read full text.

A growing number of obese adolescents have the metabolic syndrome, said a study co-author, Ilene Fennoy, a pediatric endocrinologist at the New York Columbia University Medical Center read full text http://kamagaz.com .

Laparoscopic gastric band surgery can be a useful intervention for morbidly obese teenagers to be to reduce the risk of early development of cardiovascular disease and other diseases associated with obesity, Fennoy said.

It soon made a small cut in the patient’s neck, used catheter – a thin plastic tube – into the vessel. He then uses real-time X-ray images to lead the catheter to navigate through the heart and finally reaches blood clot in the lung. First, he splashed clot-busting medications straight to the clot. Then he used said catheter mechanically breaking up the lumps. Finally, he draws out it. It’s quite a rush of adrenalin had, he said.

William Kuo, the on-call an interventional radiologist three years ago three years ago as if he a call from the intensive care Stanford Hospital & Clinics. He was invited at of 62 – year-old woman who had collapsed home and been ran to the emergency department with solid blood clotting in the lung to visit. I get very emotional when do I about what happened, said Kuo, assistant professor out of pediatric radiology teaching file at Stanford University School of Medicine. I could see right away has been was not good. She was dying, and the ICU the Team had told the Family reviews in that she was going die very soon. .