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‘The team is currently working to improve monitoring techniques, new non-surgical alternatives for patients who may not be be able To withstand operations and offer new hope for treatment, precise, safe and effective to bring.. In addition to these clinical benefits of this type of treatment the potential the simultaneous monitoring during treatment to enable. A real boon for a real boon to the the treatment according to Cyril Lafon, a member of the research team from INSERM. ‘When image quality optical performance, the treatment is safe, because the correctly correctly in relation to the tumor and thermal damage to be followed.

The long-term goal of brain-computer interface is almost slang for people with locked-in syndrome or disease, the speech engine performance, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis may affect . Other applications of the model include stuttering, apraxia of speech , and other diseases. Frank H. Guenther will speak on Thursday, July 08th at in every situation. involvement Auditory Cortex in Speech Production in Room 250B.The cells to the squamocolumnar junction of uterine cervix is express markers that associates to HPV be found in all forms of invasive cervical cancer. According to researchers , the biomarker said cells provide a way the distinction potentially disruptive precancerous from benign lesions. Wa Xian, lead researcher at the IMB, said:.

In addition, the researchers found out, as soon as remove, cells does not regenerating. These results will be significantly helping the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cervical cancer.