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Study indicates that Can small protein enhance immune response in humanstreatment of cancer patients treated with interleukin-7 , a small protein that can stimulate the immune system, leads to an increase in the lymphocytes, the keys for the production of is effective immune response in the body, according a new study by researchers at the National Cancer Institute , part of the National Institutes of Health http://www.cheapcialisonline.net . The demonstration that IL-7 is able to broaden that is possible immune reactions in humans could be a variety of clinical implications. This study was online 23rd June 2008 published in The Journal of Experimental Medicine. – Our results are only a first step in a long process, said the study’s lead author, Claude s leading sports, NCI Center for Cancer Research? Potential clinical applications must be examined systematically in order to define the range of clinical use for the drug. .

###1 breast cancer estimated tumor growth through mammography screening data Harald HWF Weedon – Fekjaer, Bo Henry BHL Lindqvist, Odd Olai OOA Aalen, Lars Johan LJV Vatten and Steinar ST Tretli Breast Cancer Research Article available at the journal’s Web site: All articles are free of charge, according to BioMed Central ‘s open access policy. Breast Cancer Research a high-quality international, peer-reviewed journal. Breast Cancer Research is published original articles, reviews and commentary in all areas of biology and medicine relevant to breast cancer, including normal mammary gland biology, with a focus on the genetic, biochemical and cellular basis of breast cancer. All research articles published in the open access journal, comments, reviews and reports of old old freely accessible, edited by Dr., they need a subscription. The journal is edited by Dr. Lewis Chodosh and has an impact factor of 4, BioMed Central (is an independent online publishing house committed immediate access without charge to the peer-reviewed biological and medical research it publishes. This commitment to the view that open access to the rapid and efficient the rapid and efficient communication of science is based.

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