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About Mersana Therapeutics,Mersana, a privately held, venture backed its its proprietary nanotechnology platform for existing and experimental anti-cancer agents into new, patentable drugs convert with superior pharmaceutical properties http://www.fluconazole150mg.com . The key of Mersana’s platform is Fleximer , a novel, biodegradable and bio-inert material that can be chemically linked to small molecules and biologics. Mersana’s pipeline includes XMT-1001, a Fleximer-camptothecin conjugate, which is currently in Phase 1 studies and drugs several preclinical stage oncology. Mersana ‘s investors include Fidelity Biosciences, ProQuest Investments, Rho Ventures, Harris & Harris Group and PureTech Ventures.

Results has been enrolled 12 patients in an ongoing phase I presented open-label, to determine dose-escalation study to evaluate the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetic profile of XMT-1001 To this day, XMT-1001 were in patients was well tolerated and no serious drug-related adverse events have been reported. Preliminary results show a favorable pharmacokinetic profile with low CPT, both total and free again found in the urine. The maximum tolerated dose was not reached and the study continues to benefit patients.


About that IFPMA Clinical TrialsThe International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations is a non. Non Governmental Organisation, the national industry associations and companies from developed and developing countries, member companies IFPMA is research-based pharmaceutical, biotechnology and vaccine companies.

According to the American cancer Society, in the 2007 ca.000 U.S. Women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed worldwide and 15,000 women were expected because because time is a lack of an effective treatment, in particular. In the case of of platinum-resistant patients. As soon as a girl ovarian has as a platinum-resistant the chance partnership full or partial response to further platinum therapy has typically less than 10 percent just 10 a 10 to 20 percent with others available agent. So there is a large unmet medical needs for that indication.