Adding: This is a part of the program long-term funding gap.

Summaries appear below.. Washington Post: ‘This modest reform that pay no effect on the premiums 96 percent of retired people is expected to to raise an additional $ 20 billion for Medicare over the next decade ‘Post Post editorial states, adding: ‘This is a part of the program long-term funding gap, but it is still worthwhile. ‘the editorial says, ‘If the Democrats are only minor changes only the rich only the rich, as they find the courage to support oppose support to far-reaching reforms ‘the editorial also discusses Congressional efforts to planned reduction in Medicare physician to collect fees reversed, and said,’is part of the apparent progress in protecting Medicare finances by medical inflation to be illusory as an illusion ‘(Washington Post newspapers recently published editorials and opinion pieces on a new policy, the higher-income Medicare beneficiaries in 2007 for the first time a higher monthly premium for Part B require pay than other beneficiaries.

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