Along with 94 percent of the citizens who responded to the public consultation on the subject.

We, along with 94 percent of the citizens who responded to the public consultation on the subject, believe that the only way to ensure high standards of animal welfare, the use of wild animals in circuses should be prohibited. This is clear from both the appropriate and effective means to protect the animals.

Letter to the Prime Minister:Dear Prime Minister,RE: Wild animals in circusesWe write to you on behalf of our hundreds of thousands of supporters urging the coalition government to ensure review its recent decision, the use of to ban wild animals in circuses. Public pressure. Defra Minister not given a ban – has shown to be inaccurate – alleged legal proceedings against Austria the ban and potential violations of the Human Rights Act. More importantly, is to focus on these questions a complete red herring. The European Commission has made clear on numerous occasions that the Member States are best suited to adopt animal welfare, including the prohibition of the use of wild animals in circuses, the introduction of national regulations. .Which research above mentioned and another studies show newborns. There must be a a broad screening of pregnant women brain and eye problems occur to prevent newborns. The pregnant woman can obtained the treatment to heal this infection. Loud death him CDC can to reduce your risks the exposition by washing get your hands after handling cat litter, to avoid cooked meat or feed is to your cat. Sources for this article have:.. ConclusionEven though others countries including France Screenshot pregnancy Toxoplasma infection, it is be in USA in the U.S.

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