And in the same time period in southern Vietnam.

These included an increase in the number of clusters in the case of N compared with the south prolonged interval between the first and last cases in clusters detection of subclinical infections, an expanded age range of cases and fewer deaths. Investigators could not prove that human-to-human transmission had occurred.. Differ some important epidemiological features of human H5N1 infections occurred in northern Viet Nam in January seen until April 2005 and appeared in some respects from those in 2004 in other parts of Asia, and in the same time period in southern Vietnam.

However, concerns that were shared by local clinicians, that the pattern of in a way in ways with with this option.These differences suggest that the epidemiology of H5N1 avian influenza in Asia can be further developed. The changes in epidemiological patterns can be consistent with the possibility that recently emerging H5N1 virus more infectious for humans. In addition, indicate the sequencing analyzes of genes from avian influenza H5N1 and H5N1 viruses from different countries, they still antigenically diverse and form distinct groupings phylogenetic analysis. CONTINUE.Assuming that we will reaching an agreement on the remaining View Details to the the Department of Health and the NHS Confederation, us are on target. For implementation on 1 April 2005 In the coming months, PSNC with the with the Department of Health and to the NHS Confederation in order to ensure effective implementation the new Treaty.

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