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For less than $ 10 consumers can have a mini – skin consultation in the privacy of their home and then tested products right their doorstep delivered at a significant discount. Reveal Sciences anticipates that people suffering from acne, chronic dryness or skin irritation, psoriasis, oily skin, age spots and other common skin disorders will benefit significantly from the quick and simple test kit adds Dr. actually watch actually watch your skin is at a specific skin care reform is something that consumers can not do in the situation and the at – Home Skin Typing and Analysis Kit allows them to do that. .. In contrast to industry standard online surveys and non-scientific skin analysis methods the at – Home Skin analysis Kit consists of three simple to use disposable skin tests that measure fluid intake, consistency, pore size, and oil production.

Reveal Sciences starts At – Home Skin Typing and Analysis Kit for consumersReveal Sciences, a cosmetic and aesthetics innovation company pioneering skin care diagnostic, has announced the launch of the new Consumer Policy At – Home Skin Typing and Analysis Kit. Developed by physician Damon Borich, CEO of Reveal Sciences, and his scientific team, the novel skincare analysis technology of the next generation spin-off of the company’s professional CareTypeTM Analysis System (sold in spas, salons and the professional healthcare. , The At – Home Skin Typing and Analysis Kit provides consumers access to the latest in skin care science in an easy and affordable way.The researchers new approaches on induced pluripotent stem cells of a patient’s skin or other tissues to establish and genetically repaired at hematopoietic stem normal blood cells normal blood cells.