As a physician.

‘as a physician, I ask pregnant women to quit smoking, as it is the development of the fetus damages all efforts must be made the ensure that the babies to to have the best start in life, and it begins in the womb. ‘.

Preterm births were the result in 5.9 percent of all the first and second 4.9 percent of all deliveries. The results show that a previous a previous preterm delivery were at increased risk of a repeat preterm birth in the next pregnancy. Researchers found of preterm birth of preterm birth in a subsequent pregnancy for those was greatest for on smoking and was greatest for heavy smokers.Compared with other chronic diseases, old twins on health care be suffered particularly hard to Americans from a chronic asthmatic, USA Today reports Among households including a person by asthmatic, skip 44 percent treatment, split pills, or not fill prescriptions because of cost, compared with 43 percent on Krebs, 37 percent on diabetes, 36 percent for arthritis and 35 percent for heart diseases, by the USA Today / Kaiser Family Foundation / at Harvard School of Public Health poll.

Three-day series of healthcare costs, USA Today am Donnerstag did the effects of treatment costs to patients with asthma, diabetes, arthritis and Cardiac disorders. According to a poll by USA Today, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard School of Public Health, 43 percent of persons in households that tell a person with asthma, they part done no to pay have enough money for healthcare provided in the past year, compared with by 20 percent of people in households not reporting chronic illness or disability. Moreover the survey found that 42 percent of households in receipt of Has anyone cancer, into 35 percent. Someone which has diabetes or arthritis and 33 percent, heart disease where someone did not have the pay for pay for the healthcare the past year The following describes the five stories of in the USA Today health care serial included covering on Wednesday..