As several major employers such as Sprint Nextel and Waste Management.

A free service of the Henry J. Releases. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. Decided to large employers contract directly with medical groups to decrease health care costsInvestors Business Daily examined on Monday, as several major employers such as Sprint Nextel and Waste Management , have started ‘cutting the middleman in heath insurance ‘and ‘signs have direct procurement deals groups instead of the groups instead of the insurer ‘costs costs. Under these arrangements, the employer paid on direct medical groups to health care to employees, a practice that ‘there is no need to argue with the insurance companies on plans and prices ‘, and the employee continues to wage deductions have and make co-payments, the Business Daily reports.

However , the government estimates that less than 10 percent of rape cases are reported (Houston Chronicle.. State officials across Mexico regularly deny rape victims access to abortion, even though the procedure is allowed in such cases, releases according to Human Rights Watch report on Tuesday, the title the AP / reports After the 92-page report ‘The Second Assault: disability access to legal abortion after rape in Mexico.’A 1931 federal law says that abortion is illegal and both the doctor and woman can be punished.In Richmond the area hospital capacity have shrank from the mid -1990s as it 4, 8 beds per 100,000 people compared with triple rooms each 100,000 people now, BNET reports in an blog post. Reports on other regions of propose hospital systems has ways to costs found without quality of their nursing sliced. This information was brought out of by courtesy from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation , you can entire Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage from searching in the archives of and then log to email Shipping of royal health news.

Reactions to the cuts in hospital varying. Said that his said his hospital would not not intersect any staff functions, but instead ‘redouble our efforts ‘with controlling costs. Another said: ‘We are already been essentially the donation of attention Medicaid patients, anyway, ‘and that the hospital was be of reduction in ‘received over. ‘.. – with no increase in 1993 – For Indiana hospitals, Medicaid Show Prices are has long trailing other type of cost objects behind, but after one year the severe recession and country budget reductions, the Hospital per cent of it now in five cut, the Journal Gazette tells.