Barker research laboratory.

Barker research laboratory, which comprises state-of – the-art doll pyroman, developed and tested turnout suits, boots, gloves, and more over the years, first-responder to improve safety Housed in a large fire test chamber offers pyroman system ensures controlled, repeatable exposure of flame threats. Pyroman is sophisticated instrument sophisticated instrument to study clothing and body response to heat and flame. A computer-assisted analysis of sensor response shows where and how much potential tissue burns But his support for the fire-fighting equipment for structural fire is unlike forest fires, protective tests must also be different. allow RadMan and other tests will give us to benchmark the existing materials are used in wildland clothing in an unprecedented ,, Barker says, We want to wildland Firefighting clothing as easily and convenient as possible.

Is not the easy optionLead researcher Dr. Stapling or from Southmead Hospital said: ‘Our results show that used a gastric band as an easy way as an easy way when it comes to losing weight This procedure has a strong psychological effect and physical one, and we found that regular. Is necessary is needed to help people with the realities of the cope installed with the device ‘.Kadir Ceylan, Koseoglu Burhan, Yuksel Yilmaz, Saban Can, Alpaslan Kus and Gunes Editor Pasquale Casale, MD Value of clinical practices.

Of lead researcher, explained Mark Meyerhoff and team found that about 5 percent of people worldwide suffer diabetes. With rising levels of obesity world number of patient with diabetes type 2 is in clear increase.