building blocks approach includes a Medicare-like option for people under 65 years read more.

Karen Davis, Cathy Schoen , and Sara Collins of The Commonwealth Fund provide a way to provide universal coverage with minimal net increases in national health spending. ‘ ‘building blocks ‘approach includes a Medicare-like option for people under 65 years, along with a choice of private plans available to small businesses, self-employed, and without any large employer insurance or Medicare read more . Other features an individual mandate employer contributions employer contributions to ensure Medicaid / State Children ‘s Health Insurance Program expansion and affordability tax credits.

Differences: the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates offer voters ‘clear choices ‘on health care, the Los Angeles Times reported. Clinton and Obama have public health insurance public health insurance programs that give coverage to more McCain McCain has proposed incentives for individuals and families to purchase private insurance. According the Los Angeles Times, look at the Democratic candidates lack of health insurance, the main problem of health care costs and McCain holds the key problem. Robert Blendon of the Harvard School of Public Health, said, ’emphasize Democrats that people management and government large large pools so that they have to get group rates for much less than individuals, ‘and McCain ’emphasizes a vision where individuals more choice available on the market and are less dependent on employers and government ‘(Alonso – Zaldivar, Los Angeles Times.

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