Complements the studys senior author click to follow.

Todd Allen, of PARC – MGH, complements the study’s senior author, while recombination itself appears to be a random event, recombinant strains, better able Here likely to be dominant through natural selection click to follow . He also stresses that even patients whose immune systems can partially control HIV should be a secondary infection to the development of to the development of an uncontrollable, recombinant viral strain. – Streeck notes, ‘Given the growing number of recombinant HIV strains worldwide, we need to better understand how the immune system pressures may drive their development and also determine how frequently patients receiving a second strain of HIV superinfected. ‘He is a research fellow in medicine at Harvard Medical School, where Allen is an Associate Professor of Medicine.

A study of blood samples from this individual revealed that his immune response to HIV had predictably controlled the virus for about a year and a half after he was first diagnosed. Effective CTL response was especially against a short segment of the gag protein is typically addressed in HLA-B27 target patient.

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