CongressDaily reports.

7 billion FY 2011 spending bill approved on Wednesday $ 9 billion aid for Afghanistan withheld over concerns about corruption in the country, CongressDaily reports. to fund already cut $ 4000000000 of President Obama’s request to the State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development and dozens of foreign aid and cooperation, the bill writes the publication.

Liberia, recovered from a long and brutal civil war, is one of the poorest states. The infant mortality rate is as high as 100 of every 1,000 babies born, and life expectancy is 58 years. Center new technology could in reducing in reducing poverty and supporting the formation of stable social structures in the country.One important strategy for the destruction of of cancer cells is, disturb the growing blood vessels that support of tumor growth. However, current vascular targeted therapies and injury conditions of normal growth blood vessel. This a problem because the production of new blood vessels, or angiogenic continue as adults, for example during pregnancy, menstruation wound healing. Brad St. Croix and colleagues from National Cancer Institute in Frederick led a number of research for identifying marker used, overexpressing can be made between the proliferating vessels in normal and diseased fabric starting.