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.. However warn Jones – Engel and her fellow researchers that there are other primate viruses known to be harmful that could jump the species barrier. You do not want. People afraid of contact with macaques or other primates, but they urge people to be cautious and careful when interacting with monkeys May increase or even feed the animals with food in a temple, the risk of a strong bite or scratch that can lead to transmission of infection. Visitors hold now and then other risky behaviors such as touching animals or try, baby monkeys. Such behavior may limit the risk of bites and scratches. – If you look at wild monkeys in Singapore regard protected areas, you see that feeding by visitors is not permitted, and is strongly discouraged, Gregory Engel, an attending Swedish / Swedish / Providence Hospital in Seattle, a clinical instructor of family medicine at the University of Washington, and a co – author of the study.##Other studies co-authors are Hyuna Yang, a postdoctoral researcher on Jackson Laboratory and Timothy Bell, tests Director of laboratory of Gaspardo – Manuel.

We want to examine how many of the 8.3 million variants actually tapping Generic, so they do not functional As we already clear that which Details from the wild, we really walk and ask about the function of these genes and that her impacts. Disease disease, he said. When genome completed, people were it now say that we genome sequence of genome sequence , we can found the underlying genes and get the cause of diseases This is being Why Pack, said Pardo – Manuel. Co-authors works by comparing man having and without sickness in hopes of genetic variations that are within these two sets of people, however not between. The genetic level either maintenance and alteration of importance. .