Czech Republic.

The SUNRISE study – the name is an abbreviation for the full study tracks – includes 105 urology centers from 14 countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Wrote the international paper with experts from Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands study found that study found that solifenacin consistently effective in reducing urgency and other symptoms of an overactive bladder and that simple scoring scales such as the called PPIUS associates, are a reliable way of measuring treatment outcome was solifenacin is an antimuscarinic oral, which was first marketed in 2004 worldwide and for use for use in over 40 countries..One Touch Ping also offers the following: – Lifestyle focus pump performance – attached to a belt attached to a belt , tucked away in of a pocket or saved under your clothes is watertight up to 3.6 meters , and has a color screen for superb pumps legibility.