Differences between men and womenAre women natured or nurtured to be different?

However, these studies should not exclude that the culture and socialization doing play an important role in determining gender differences in the processing of emotional expressions, says Collignon.. Differences between men and womenAre women natured or nurtured to be different? Biology can play a role, as there are few opportunities for socialization to shape such gender differences. Evolutionary psychologists have suggested that women who are wired for their role as primary caretaker, decode decode quickly and accurately or to detect distress in preverbal infants or threatening signals from other adults to improve their chances of survival.

TV brought exposure to infants with increased risk of obesity, attention disorders, and decreased quality of sleep in combination, said Michael Rich, a pediatrician who heads the Center for Media and Child Health and co-author on the study and the current AAP Guidelines. Parents need to understand that infants and toddlers do not learn or in any way to benefit from viewing TV at an early age. .. While the study showed that increased infant TV exposure is of no benefit to cognitive development was also found to be of no disadvantage.There are clear evidence that bodyweight and fatty mass be highly heritable features and have strong genetic determinants. This provides the ability to specific brain-derived factors, which identifying to become overweight, eating pattern, and replies to nutrition . The brain is the foundation of all behavior including diet, said press conference Moderator View Ralph DiLeone, by Yale University School of Medicine, high fat diet the neural mechanisms of eating and behaviors. With the increasing rates of obesity in the developed countries, to neuroscience is essential for understanding the underlying neurobiological answers high-fat diet. .

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