Earlier this year get full text here.

Earlier this year, the compromise seemed to unravel so many Democrats in Congress for more family-friendly planning within HIV / AIDS programs, around 6 percent to to interpret a range of conservatives pushing for the right to abortion, writes Gerson called get full text here . He added that instead of the legislator had a last-minute, late-night outburst of reason. After Gerson. substitute language in HIV prevention programs still requires balanced funding among all elements of the ABC approach, Gerson writes, adding that it is . Concession to Democrats, not a capitulation a The most effective efforts to to reduce the spread of HIV combine broad condom use with behavioral change, Gerson writes. Has has allocated approximately 7 percent of its budget for abstinence and faithfulness programs and about 6 percent to the distribution of condoms – an even-handed approach, he adds. He notes that some conservatives oppose the increase in PEPFAR funding and that some liberal proponents want the abortion issue to the theory that aggressive family planning necessary to prevent the spread of HIV is to appeal. To participate in something extraordinary – a miracle of science and conscience and politics at its finest with resisting these ideological extremes, writes Gerson legislature. A president proposes action, good men and women adopt in the tradition of Lantos and Hyde stored much more are stored, he adds, conclusion, for Congress are the best reasons for the Congress to readmit PEPFAR (Gerson, Washington Post.

Earlier this year must resist ‘Ideological Extremes ‘ when reauthorizing PEPFAR, opinion piece saysThe late Reps. Tom Lantos and Henry Hyde (R-Ill. The bill the president created the Emergency Plan for AIDS Readmit relief, both knew as ‘may legislative compromise to serve an honorable thing, ‘Michael Gerson, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a columnist for ,, in an article guest post. Lantos and Hyde ‘, while shepherding the first ‘PEPFAR bill created by the house five years ago, a compromise that ‘AIDS Relief separated from the partisan debate about abortion,’Gerson writes He added that under the original PEPFAR bill focusing funding on the ABC approach. Standing for practice ,, fidelity and condoms – and that the program ‘also helped provide AIDS treatment on a large scale for the first time. ‘.


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