Even if a person consumes adequate calories and protein check this web-site.

The multiple relationships between hunger and poor health are explored – particularly in relation to HIV / AIDS – in a major report released today by WFP check this web-site . The World Hunger Series 2007 – Hunger and Health* states that ‘hidden hunger ‘affects more than two billion people. Even if a person consumes adequate calories and protein, if missing a single micronutrient – or a combination of vitamins and minerals – their immune systems are compromised, and infections grab.

It is irresponsible to ignore the problem of hunger and malnutrition, particularly in the fight against AIDS, 20-30 per centty Executive Director Sheila Sisulu. Why should we write off the benefits of medical interventions to absorb because undernourished people and to drug drug, the much-needed? .

Correspondence to: Mary Carlson, Associate Professor, Department of Medical Sciences, Gastroenterologie Research Group, University Hospital, SE – 751 85 Uppsala, Sweden.