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From their husbands .mbian women from accessing HIV / AIDS treatment, says reportto prevent poverty and violence, HIV-positive women in Zambia by antiretroviral drugs and hinder the efforts of the Government for the treatment to expand access, according to a report on Tuesday published by Human Rights Watch, reports the AP / International Herald Tribune.

According to the American Cancer Society , the five-year survival rate for patients with GBM is 3 %, a figure that has not changed over 25 years. The ACS 20,500 20,500 new cases of brain tumors and brain through 12,740 cancer related deaths in 2007.

In addition, Alabama completed Hausfrau service for about 1,200 disabled and elderly adult on conserve $ 2 million, so try to social worker and local officials, help for those can find time now without subsidized care at home , reports the journal (Shishkin, Wall Street Journal.