Guterres told: Since I.

Notes – data from 3957 sexually active men and women from the general public was collected for these survey1 They included 101 men and 108 women surveyed nationwide in Australia read more .

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Guterres told: Since I, obliged from your home a tragedy is a tragedy that you are not an international frontier and crossed It added. That due to the situation in Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka, over 2.4 million compelled to leave their homes in the direction to the 45 – million threshold , which be the highest number of to least a decade skirt. The IRIN article provides additional information on the numbers of internally displaced persons and refugee host countries across the world (told IRIN.

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Told IRIN wrote that until the end of of the year been 2,008 are about 16 million refugees, the people, the international boundaries have is exceeded, and some 26 million IDP – people who ‘have ‘rootless in other areas within their own countries, ‘said UNHCR 2009 Global Trends Report , the number of IDPs. The numbers of refugees the number of refugees due to the changing nature of conflict, the majority of conflicts are now in each country and less among nations, ‘said the UNHCR, IRIN writing.