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Headsize a way to the brain reserve and brain is to measure growth. Perneczky said that while brain growth is partly determined by genetics, it is through diet, test. Infections and inflammation of the central nervous system and brain injury. – ‘Could increase improving prenatal and early life conditions much brain reserve, which could have an effect on the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or the severity of symptoms of the disease,’he said.

The second part, which came after a 10-minute break the participants were told that they would be presented with images, some of which they had seen in the first part and some of which were new. They were told to judge each item solely for its repetition status, that is, had repeated elements from the first part and first presented in the second part will be judged as ‘new.’these items these items were repeated inside the second part, they had to be judged as ‘old’. The researchers also monitored participants brain activity during the two-part mission by an electroencephalogram cap. The study was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.For more more important subjects and presented at the meeting are: had a the progress made by automating point to Categorize is, administration and synthesis of new active ingredients; proteomic vs. Genome research technology and new methods testing drug toxicity connection without use of of animal experiments.

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