If children are to behavioral problems.

And finally, if children are to behavioral problems, learning difficulties or mental health problems, the possibility of a sleep disorder in general, and sleep apnea in particular should be examined.

Sometimes these children get very sweaty at night, that we. Due to their increased work of breathing in the daytime days children with sleep apnea often weight problems cause or contribute to their sleep apnea, have in some children, their sleep apnea can cause stunted growth and failure to thrive. The explanation for this is that growth hormone is secreted during sleep and if the children have disturbed sleep then they have disturbed this hormone and the many vital developmental processes that depend on it..Other researchers on the grant of include Steve Horvath, Assistant Professor for human genetics and biostatistics and the manager of the array of Data Analysis Group in University of California, Of Los Angeles; Pui – Yan Kwok, of Henry Bachrach a Distinguished Professor the cardio Research Institutes Faculty Director the Genomics Core Facility of of the University of California, San Francisco, Janet Warrington, Vice President for emerging market and Roche Molecular Diagnostics R & D at Affymetrix, and Stuart Flechner, Director, Kidney grafting programs of at the Cleveland Clinic.