If you see someone pick up a tea bag and a cup.

The focus of research is the idea that people with autism have difficulty understanding other people everyday actions and thoughts. For example, if you see someone pick up a tea bag and a cup, you can assume a cup of tea a cup of tea. People with autism have trouble with these everyday situations.

– The most recent time some researchers have proposed in the U.S. , a controversial ‘ broken mirror ‘ theory claims that mirror neurons are brain regions damaged and cause autism in people with autism have social difficulties. This hypothesis has attracted a a lot of attention, but not yet fully tested.. The ability to understand everyday activities together based on a set of brain regions as the mirror neuron system is known.Benefits of preventive therapy have been also been strengthened when a pooled analyzes the three registration trials noted as compared to 46.3 percent of the patients Topiramat topiramate 100 mg / D contains at least 50 percent reduction in the number of monthly migraines 22, 22.