Immobilization. This makes it a general method that can be used for studying any membrane protein to virtually any surface. Membrane proteins can be tested involved in several diseases, and our results can already be in the pharmaceutical industry to screen for new drugs and diagnostics used, said Dr. Jean-Luc Popot, head of the group at the National Centre for Scientific Research and collaboration with R. Audebert and C. Inventor of amphipols. The product also has the granting of two patents increasingly obtain their U.S. Commercial. – In a release on September the company that this semester has actively led the development programs for high-potential Orphan Oncology Products portfolio and achieved major milestones, as they had planned..

We use a kind of swimsuit for the proteins called amphipols. The compensation for the amphipol lipids, surrounding the membrane protein, and to make it soluble in water, while its function intact. We place a day of amphipol that will mounted on a surface like a lock and key system. If we bound the proteins to a surface they can be adapted to several measuring instruments Karen Karen Martinez, Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology and Nano – Science Center at the University of Copenhagen said..Minister of Health and Ageing, Tony Abbott today announced in that the NHMRC Research Committee decided to to lay aside up to $ 7, to financing an urgent research, including into of pandemic.