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The use of melatonin to regulate sleep is not the only working at the Institute of Biotechnology of the UGR done. In recent years, professors Acu? A Escames and have proven that this substance is also useful to slow down the aging of cells diseases such as diseases such as slow to slow cell death by severe infectious processes that affect the entire organism technically known to cause septicemia. She is currently working on a clinical trial of Phase II, the therapeutic of melatonin in septic shock patients, finances finances of the Health Institute Carlos III..

Actually, the ability of melatonin, has been investigated in order to adjust the internal clock new in blind people, at night. Do not use the information of the photoperiod to activate the endogenous pacemaker by melatonin is secreted at night. Scientists have pointed out that the administration of melatonin every 24 hours restores the pace in these persons, including the sleep / wake up, synchronize them. Over a period of 24 hours.Technology provides a collaborative nursing plan approach in which nurses to implement to quickly create a patient – specific collective care plan, which best evidence best evidence content. Subsequently, the efforts of for Team is to continually update Your plan of care is a natural part of workflow, whereby the efficiency for all responsible clinical team members, the evaluation of patients advance over the nursing.. Siemens ‘ Plan of Care technology, on display at the Siemens booth (# 2036 ,, about best practice and targeted care promote the health market ‘multidisciplinary teams POC.

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