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In this context, a team of researchers, from Chantal Fran? Ois and Etienne Hirsch performed on Universit? Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 6, France, has now been established that the presence of gait disorders in patients with Parkinson’s disease and in aged monkeys with Parkinson – like illness with loss of nerve the neurotransmitter acetylcholine the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the range of related was brain known as pedunculopontine nucleus . In keeping with this, disrupt these nerve cells induced gait and postural deficits in monkeys. The authors therefore suggest that targeting acetylcholine – producing neurons in the PPN may be a way to get the transition met met and falls experienced by people with Parkinson’s disease.. Understanding the involved nerve cells in the brain of these symptoms of Parkinson’s disease researchers may therapeutic targets therapeutic targets.

Focus on gait disorders and falls in Parkinson’s diseaseMany of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be relieved with medication that goal dompamine, a chemical in the brain that is involved in the communication as a neurotransmitter therefore known as a neurotransmitter. However, such drugs do not improve the gait and falls that commonly affect people with severe and advanced forms of Parkinson’s disease.The results from our study show a a profound effect for overall survival that adding of thalidomide for XS treatment can be untreated untreated , said Professor, said Professor Philippe Moreau, clinical Professor of Haematology in Nantes Faculty of Medicine and Chairman of the International Groupe Francophone du myelomas. of this Recommendation detect the meaning of study results, will open access to medicines for all clinicians and patients throughout Europe and offers great hope for patient with this devastating disease. .

Pharmion CorporationPharmion Corporation announced that European Medicines Agency granted a positive opinion on approval of Thalidomide Pharmion received suitable for use in combining melphalan and prednisone as first line advise on patients with untreated multiple myeloma , at age 65 or older or non to high-dose chemotherapy. The first line the application for marketing authorization for Thalidomide Pharmion was granted submitted to at the EMEA in January 2007.