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EyeGate Pharma Initiates alluvion phase III study of EGP-437 in patients with dry eyeEyeGate Pharmaceuticals, a privately held venture-backed pharmaceutical company developing a non-invasive ocular drug delivery platform and ocular therapeutics, announces that the company has begun enrolling patients in the alluvion model delivered) phase III trial with its lead product, EGP 437 for the treatment of for the treatment of dry eye syndrome This ocular surface irritation affects millions of men and women.

Symptoms such as pain, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and reduce the irritation to patient quality of life and can ultimately lead to loss of function and blindness. The incidence of DES is increasing due to environmental factors, the aging population and the increasing prevalence of comorbid diseases such as diabetes. There is no cure for DES, and the few treatment options currently mainly a temporary relief of symptoms.. About Dry Eye Syndrome – is the most common form of ocular discomfort and irritation to the one in four patient visits to a general ophthalmologist.– Johns Hopkins Medicine – is used Maryland, Washington DC, and part by Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia – Martin s Point Health Care – is of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and northern New York – Brighton Navy Health Center – is used Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, plus Rhode Iceland and the north Connecticut. – CHRIST Health – serves the southeast Texas and southwestern Louisiana.