Legal and psychological services for commercial sex workers.

All rights reserved.. Moscow Times Examines Russia’s First Full-Service Health Center For Sex WorkersMoscow Times on Monday examined Simona – Russia’s first full-service health center, free medical, legal and psychological services for commercial sex workers. – – located in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia – is ‘new territory’in the country in the fight against HIV / AIDS and is aimed at no-cost HIV testing and HIV prevention training for sex workers offer, the New York Times reports. Doctors at the clinic ‘, like they did with regular patients, but with an eye toward promoting safe behavior,’Yulia Kuznetsova – an administrator at the AIDS Information Share , who runs the hospital – said. Since its opening since its opening at the beginning of 150 people who have visited 252 times and has distributed more than 11,800 condoms, seen by the Times.

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