Microcatheter provide an exciting new frontier for ophthalmology.

We believe that interventional procedures significantly change the treatment paradigm for a wide range of eye diseases and disorders in the future. Open-angle glaucoma – Glaucoma is a sight-threatening eye disease that 4 million people 4 million people in the United States and 65 million people worldwide, more than 120,000 Americans are blind from glaucoma according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, the disease. Causing, when the natural fluid channels clogging clogged. Clogged. This causes liquid to build up, similar to a clogged drain. When this occurs, intraocular pressure , the interior of the the interior of the eye, causing. Permanent damage to the optic nerve the optic nerve is essential for vision, since it serves as the conduit for transmitting images and vision from the eye to the brain.

Ophthalmology procedure indicated for the treatment of glaucomapatients with glaucoma have a promising new treatment option for the reduction of elevated pressure in the eye. Very small, complex catheters can now be used in small drainage structures within the eye, allowing the surgeon the this glaucoma compromised outflow passages for the treatment of glaucoma. These micro catheters are measured in micrometers, or about combined size of four to five human hair. IScience Interventional, manufacturer of these microcatheters received expanded indications for use by the FDA for their microcatheters for specific treatment of primary open angle glaucoma .Being is so important that child itself good for their teeth of look like when they is young to learn. Learn the meaning of brushing your teeth good if you young does that you out of from poor oral health when They are older, and that is what of these kits be designed to in order to do. ‘.. Brushes for Life disperse the initiative see healthcare Visitors to and healthcare professionals with appropriate training free ‘ brushing for Life ‘ packages with a Colgate toothpaste, brush and a pamphlet on oral care for Families with children, when local visiting their are health center. The staff also consult to families parent to care for her child tooth sure that the oral health is part of general health funding.