NB 002 is not absorbed systemically go to this link.

As a result, NB – 002 is not absorbed systemically, in early 2008. Phase – 1 trial go to this link . In the study, 20 patients with advanced onychomycosis were randomized to two levels of NB-002 receive. Treatments were applied twice daily for 28 days to both affected and unaffected toenails and a small area of surrounding skin. Blood samples were taken periodically to determine whether the drug was absorbed systemically collected.

Whipple is a member of several honor societies and received the Alumni Achievement Award from Wagner College in 1983, and the Wagner Alumni Fellows award this year.you the president of AASECT, president of the society for the Scientific investigation of Sexuality was , vice-president of the World Association for Sexology, and was a board member of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health. Whipple is now the General Secretary of the World Association for Sexual Health and is on the board of the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.


To about this study the British Medical Journal, September output read. To study was conducted at the department of outpatient care and prevention of at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.