Or brain cells.

This research also shows that receptors in this system can influence brain inflammation and the production of new neurons , or brain cells. ‘When we are young, we reproduce neurons and our memory works fine when we age, the process slows down, in the brain, come to a decrease in new cell formation in normal aging process, you need these cells back and help. Formation of new memories, and we found that this THC-like agent can ‘influence creation of those cells, a study co-author said Yannick Marchalant and research assistant professor of psychology at Ohio State.

It is not true that everything what is immoral good for the brain, it ‘s just that there are some substances that millions of people for thousands of years have used in billions of doses, and we realize it ‘s a little signal above all the noise. Said Gary Wenk, professor of psychology at Ohio State and principal investigator of the research.Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle posted to about the struggle for about the struggle for health system but as promote that book has agitated some Daschle Comments White House strategy of on the public option controversy.

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