Other key findingsaverage annual turnover was 6.

Sixty % said , increases the national turnover rate, but only 20 percent said their own practices ‘growing turnover rate is.. Other key findingsaverage annual turnover was 6.4 percent for all medical groups responding to the survey – 5.2 percent for medical groups with more than 500 physicians and 6.9 percent for those with less than 500 physicians. In addition, most respondents believe that over the next two years, the national rate of physician turnover significantly surpass their own practices.

– Groups with more than 500 physicians reported less concern about turnover and assign a lower priority to the turnover of their list of critical issues. But at the same time, they reported more concern about recruitment, are employ interviewing techniques and employ a variety of resources in recruitment.In the September issue of from Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, the scientists describe a new technique that realize how protein can undergo changes in in a cell. The technical promised our understanding of how proteins to work at cells and find out a few some proteins are not properly in common diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, modified in.