Proponents of the law say that access to mental health treatment and to increase spending over time check information here.

Proponents of the law say that access to mental health treatment and to increase spending over time. Opponents say that they are concerned that it will increase the cost of health insurance. Experts said on Monday Journal,e law is likely to result in a small increase in health insurance rates check information here . In other states that have adopted similar laws, mental health parity has not significantly higher costs. Borman Borman, a spokesman for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, said: ‘It is the cost, of course, mandate mandate, but we expect it to less than half of 1 percent ‘(Romoser, Winston-Salem Journal.

UNICEF emergency operation in Myanmar on on immunization, education and reuniting separated children with their families. Educational educational supplies such as ‘school – in-a-box ‘distributed, essential learning packages and recreational kits for children in the affected areas and set up temporary learning spaces when school were completely destroyed. 600,000 hectares of far registered 616 unaccompanied children and has a family tracing and interim reports, community care system is set.

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? Agendia is at the top of personalized medicine strives revolution, effective individualized individualized treatments within the range of patients. Huntington Beach, California cutting genomic platform to tumor gene expression profiling tests want to assist the undertaking to physicians precisely tailor cancer treatment. The company also markets four products, with several new genomic testing in development. Agendia is also working having drug companies at develop up effective personalized drugs in the oncology. Agendia is in Huntington Beach, California, and in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

AspenBio pharmaceutical, Inc. , an aspiring biopharmaceutical company specializes in developing of innovative drugs and diagnostics for people and animals, was the United States Pat and Trademark Office has a notices of allowance to AspenBio of the U.S. Patent application aimed methods of relating to its appendicitis diagnostic technology grant. – The patent application U.S. Serial No. Entitled Methods and apparatus for diagnosis of appendicitis . The newly allowed claims are the subject matter the aspect out of blood based attack of appendicitis test. – AspenBio pharmaceutical President & CEO, Richard Donnelly, said: This is a key milestone in the development our intellectual property rights for the appendicitis diagnostics engineering Current official statement of the Patent Office is a significant achievement to our company and our goals. Know output this notice represents the recognition of the patentability from our innovative technology and adds value this key asset. .