Publication: Dr.

Publication: Dr. Robert Malow of Florida International University and his colleagues published the study in the volume of drug use and abuse.

In. Addition, Bradmer analyzed the existing external GBM literature and in nine of the eleven studies, from 2003 to 2008 from 2003 to 2008 by political parties that the company publishes analyzes, the progression-free survival time of 4 to 10 months, with two other studies reached 13 months and 17 months PFS results. Findings from the external studies covered 16 different newly diagnosed GBM patient groups received various combinations of proven and experimental therapies.At increased responsive to of foreign. Whether or bacteria, viruses or cancer cells includes Study points out, It was obvious from clinical studies to Reishi extraction improved immune the elderly are increasing.. Recent studies to New Zealand show that a combination of the Reishi and Cordyceps extracts positive impact on Value of life to some of advanced cancer patients had. Researchers think that a mix of the active substance from different fungi of immune response deploying multiple providing multiple stimulation on natural defenses of the body. A fully functional immune responses crucial for the recognition and eliminate of tumor cells the higher incidence displays by spontaneously tumors at immunosuppressed individuals, immune defense which contains an significant mechanism for the resistance against cancer.

Containing over 200 substances and unique compounds biologically active available from every plant source. To obtained maximum advantage Reishi is an extract as an extract, because there is very hard, woody fungal and the raw biomass being very difficult to digest. Its dynamic antioxidant activity and immune stimulant effect is therefore Reishi be as high as a longevity of herbal and estimated to than ‘ The Long Life Herb ‘, ‘ The Great Protector’ and even ‘ of God Herb’.. Fungi to man so deep and fine sources medico useful products as at the cellular level fungi and animals have more in common when they modulate bioactive having the higher plants.