References: Jacobson IM read more.

References: Jacobson IM, peginterferon alfa-2b and weight-based or flat-dose ribavirin in chronic hepatitis C patients: A randomized Trial read more . Hepatology 2007, 46:971-981. p= 0, vs.imary efficacy comparison .

Cardiovascular disease accounts for the death of more Canadians than any other disease: Of the more than 70,000 Canadian deaths annually, 54 % are due to coronary heart disease statistics show the government.

Lander and a team of researchers from U. On a result mechanical engineering and electrical engineers, with contributions of pathologist and Medical, draft a hand-held device – based upon a unit of of the size of microscope slides – that houses many of the analytic tools an overall lab, into extremely miniature. The unit can be be tested, for example, a needle sized drop of blood and within one hour, a DNA analysis. ‘In creating these automatic micro – fluidic devices specifically, we can now begin to doing macro – Chemie of the micro level,’Landers said.

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