Since 2003 A mutant strain spread in Asia and elsewhere.

The primary objective of STEALTH C-3 is a sustained viral response to treatment with an evaluation 4 weeks of nitazoxanide lead-in treatment 48 weeks standard treatment and nitazoxanide versus 4 weeks placebo followed by 48 weeks of standard treatment and placebo. Followed.

In the meantime, reports the San Bernardino Sun that fewer blacks are the received received: ‘San Bernardino County public health officials this week a special a special pitch for more blacks roll up their sleeves to get the H1N1 vaccine Alonzo Louis Plough, director of emergency preparedness and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health., said last week that his agency had already made attempts special commitment and participation in the H1N1 campaign, and participation is still behind.Since 2003 A mutant strain spread in Asia and elsewhere, United Nations Warns.

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A mutant virus strain which is against existing vaccines to China and Vietnam in China and Vietnam, firmly established.