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Too often,sk Assessment discussed in the new bookrisk voluntarily, as worn in the case of elective surgery or medical tests or forced upon us, as in the case of exposure to environmental contamination. How is the average person to interpret the daily flood of news reports on sometimes contradictory studies? What actions represent greater risks than not act at all? Too often, health benefits and risks statements statements as if they were authoritative, definitive and based on compelling evidence. However, everything they offer is the illusion of security . The Illusion of Certainty: Health Benefits and Risks triggers the ‘facade of security,’the health benefits and risk information is attached. Authors Erik Rifkin and Edward Bouwer acknowledged experts in the field of health risk assessment will help patients and their families to get more involved in producing medical decisions and provide guidance to the public when confronted with critical questions about the environment.

Deputy Health Minister Wang Longde to increase as the country HIV / AIDS chief, said on Tuesday that China this year spending on 960 million yuan, or about $ 127 million to antiretroviral drugs, and HIV planning educational work. The government also plans to reach out to sex with men sex with men said Wang (Blanchard, Reuters.

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