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‘Ehnes said the department is also the termination of the contracts of 400 state residents under Blue Shield of California to investigate.. State Investigation Related News, have California Department of managed Healthcare officials plan canceled canceled health insurance by about 1770 residents of the state to determine whether they reported announced a larger fine against Anthem $ 1,000 fine announced in March 2007 issue the AP / San Francisco Chronicle., the department has not attempt to enforce the fine because of concerns about the engage in lengthy legal proceedings. Every policy cancellation could lead to a fine of up to $ 200,000, said department officials.

In 2006 ranged hospitals a class action against WellPoint over allegations that Anthem illegally conducted investigations of patient medical records to pre-existing medical conditions and applications to find inconsistencies, withdraw their policies after expensive filed claims (Gullo, Bloomberg / Houston Chronicle.. Received.t agrees to $ 11, To California hospitals pay on Health Insurance Policy CancellationsWellPoint agreed on Monday to $ 11.8 million to approximately 480 private and public hospitals in California pay to allegations that subsidiary Anthem Blue Cross to the accounts of the patients do not pay to solve that health insurance health insurance after they reported the treatment, the Los Angeles Times are received.One person may only be one copy of the gene to three copies of a gene or it may missing , which general the gene. CNVs were once used as rare, but they are quite common. Deletions or duplications by many genes can have no effect, however genetic variations gene variants for diseases as breast cancer and Crohn disease have been linked.. ASDs is known to be very be inherited, but scientists are still have looking for the of the underlying genetic determinant. Instead of referring to one gene responsible for ASD, have for copy number variations , the unusual amounts of a gene are looking. Previously it was thought underlines two copies of each from the father from the father and one from the mother – but the results of have demonstrated that the number of copies can be varied.