Surgical Approaches in the treatment of prostate cancer: salvage therapyBERLIN read all information here.

Surgical Approaches in the treatment of prostate cancer: salvage therapyBERLIN, GERMANY – Dr. Reza Ghavamian, Albert Einstein College of Medicine assessed the therapeutic options for patients experiencing radiotherapy failure. read all information here

These options include watchful waiting, androgen deprivation to save radical prostatectomy, cystoprostatectomy salvage, salvage cryotherapy, salvage brachytherapy and HIFU.Although the presented data showed that open radical prostatectomy was associated with a significant risk of incontinence rates between 27-68 percent, he felt that not salvage urethral gentle treatments such as cryosurgery and HIFU, although better tolerated were lower morbidity, appropriate options, as in 65 percent of patients salvage prostatectomy is a viable prostate cancer be found within 2 mm of the urethra. Salvage Cryotherapy uses a urethral warmer and save HIFU often protects the urethra. In his review of of the literature, he felt the best candidates best candidates for salvage Dr.rmonal therapy intervention those who were 15 years with u003e 2 years between RT and failure, a PSADT u003e 8-12 mos, and a PSA at salvage treatment, no evidence of metastatic disease, clearly clinically localized disease at presentation is the highly motivated and willing to morbidity morbidity. He presented data at the TR – be useful be very useful in this setting, in patient selection – although experience with this in therapy failure setting is limited.

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