The condition can help patients with heart failure?

The condition can help patients with heart failure? Too early to sayAn article published in The Lancet showed results of two clinical trials omecamtiv mecarbil, a drug that could, according to researchers one day benefit patients with heart failure by helping the heart to contract more easily.

As heart failure is the inability of the heart to supply sufficient blood flow defined the needs of the body. The condition usually occurs when the heart muscle is damaged or lost function, as may be the case of a heart attack.? issue, so we invest in regenerative medicine research a cure for a cure for heart failure.For studiesThe pilot study of 20 patient been designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy to the BACE device, less invasive Herz supporting outside the heart and supports said weakened ventricular muscle during treatment of heart valves dysfunction. Judge the only instrument in order to ischemic regurgitation underwent implantation of with a BACE , along with coronary artery bypass surgery beating heart, an operation seven of them are no heart -lung machine. Three patients had left ventricular reconstructive interventions.