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IRIN Examines efforts, health workers in order underserved, rural communities AttractIRIN examines WHO efforts to better understand factors influencing health personnel decisions about where to work, to to help combat health care shortages in developing countries. According to the news service, a group of 40 experts assembled by the agency will shortly recommendations to help governments attract more health workers in sparsely occupied areas, IRIN writes.Published. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. 24-hour Examines Drug Industry’s ‘ Take Your use medical ‘ ProgrammesThe New York Times analyzed am Samstag ‘take-your – Medicine & Health ‘powered Programmes from pharmaceutical companies , which take the patients their medications, to encourage as required and ‘a marketing and of a sales and marketing strategy, to still do of urgency on drugs decision makers slowdown revenues. ‘Many studies have shown that patients not take medication as specified risks serious and costly complications of and of the pharmaceutical industry lose billions of dollars every year because people not follow their prescriptions.