The Prostate Cancer Charity urges people

– men in the UK most common cancer among men in the UK in 2005 National Audit Office report ‘Tackling cancer: Improving the patient journey ‘. Showed that men living with prostate cancer report the worst NHS experience of all common types of cancer to show During Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, The Prostate Cancer Charity urges people, ‘it is important ‘to them.

‘We have a lifespan approach that emphasizes prevention and intervention to take as soon as possible, contrast to the traditional contrast to the traditional focus on the treatment for problems or decreases,’explains Professor Margie Lachman, LIHA chair. ‘Although it is often ‘never too late ‘, make a difference, our research suggests that it is’never too early ‘to begin thinking about successful aging. ‘.

To date the company pediatric submissions for Prevenar tabled submitted to more than 50 countries and six continents. Of Prevenar 13 was allowed in two countries, including Chile, first in July 2009. Prevenar 13 is in a global in global Stage 3 clinical studies in adults, with regulatory submissions expected in 2010.

Important Security Notes for of Prevenar 13In clinical trials the most commonly reported adverse reactions at the injection site, irritability, loss of appetite and increased and / or decreases sleep.