The researchers studied 340 German patients with systemic lupus matched with 400 healthy subjects check information.

The researchers studied 340 German patients with systemic lupus matched with 400 healthy subjects. The patients with lupus and kidney damage had klk different from those different from those in healthy subjects check information . Similar findings were noted in a larger, more diverse group of patients from Europe, the U.S. And Korea. – ‘Everyone has to show Klk genes, but some of us have some of us have a particular version that increases our risk for systemic lupus,’said Wakeland.

The CXCR4 molecule has already been role role in the creation of various types of blood cells, and it has also been shown that active in cancer and AIDS. Cells with CXCR4 on their surface released to another molecule by cells in various organs attracted so that they migrate toward those organs, including the kidney.

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About Alzheimer ‘s DiseaseAlzheimer’s disease, the progressive and degenerative disease of the brain, 7 be the most common way of dementia7 and concerns more six million Europeans.8 symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can also be higher forgetfulness, and repeating the same questions often request and issues making decisions.9 These symptoms progressively affect a person’s cognition, behavioral and life, many serious enough to must influences their life.9 labor, social activities and Family reviews Although there is no cures for Alzheimer ‘s treatments be to help which progression of the symptoms of the disease.10.

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