The results of this Dec read more.

The results of this Dec. 2 on December 2 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology read more .The myoendothelial cells were used in this study, Dr. The repair of the injured myocardium, and to reduce scar tissue than previous approaches, muscle myoblasts, as is known, were used, according to Dr. After six weeks after the injection, the myoendothelial cell-injected hearts functioned efficiently at 40 to 50 the heart the heart that had been injected with myogenic cells compared.

While we are disappointed that we have a statistically significant result for the primary ,, we believe the results support the continued development of oral treprostinil, especially when the effect of treatment on the basis of the dose in the FREEDOM-C trial is reached evaluated said Roger Jeffs, United Therapeutics, President and Chief Operating Officer. We remain excited for the prospects of of our Phase 3 trial of oral treprostinil, FREEDOM – M, study, evaluates the benefits of oral treprostinil without the presence of background therapy. This study is fully enrolled, and the results are expected at the end of 2009, available March. Furthermore, we expect enrollment of our Phase 3 study of oral treprostinil, FREEDOM – DR, soon begin to apply the 0.25 mg tablet dosage for patients. Finally put our inhaled treprostinil study, a statistically highly significant results and is the year of the FDA with an expected action date in April 2009. Submission in Europe via the centralized procedure Jeffs in January 2009. Jeff’s conclusion: Today’s result is not the fact that we believe that in in place today all the pieces that we need our continue to grow our business is changing. .

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