The study of 249 children get information here.

The study of 249 children, all of which were built prior to 1978 in houses that those in homes where renovations had been done resided higher blood lead levels than in homes where no renovations had done get information here . The researchers used multivariate analysis to find that the children.

The study by researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center was conducted that interior renovation of older housing with a slight increase in children’s blood lead levels and associated long-term health risks associated. These findings were confirmed on 3 by co-author Stephen Wilson, at the Pediatric Academic Society annual meeting in Honolulu In May presented. Any person who built a home where the children reside or visit frequently know that have their renovation work can cause lead hazards to children when the house prior to 1978 , when the government lead-based paint banned in housing was Adam said Spaniards, the study’s lead author and director of the Pediatric Environmental Health and Lead Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

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