The study surveyed 328 emergency medical directors ACEP officials click to see.

The study surveyed 328 emergency medical directors ACEP officials click to see . The survey also found:About 10 percent of the directors of the psychiatric patient more than one day to wait , on average,84 percent of the directors of ED waiting times would decrease for all patients if their hospitals offered better mental health services; – half of the hospitals surveyed psychiatric units, while the remaining patients facilities facilities, 61 percent of the 61 percent of the hospitals surveyed have no psychiatric staff caring for ED patients while they wait, but these patients need to receive care for other health problems.The number of psychiatric beds in U.S. Community hospitals has declined 12 percent since 2000, compared to a 4 percent decline in the total hospital beds according to ACEP.

The 76 – site study was centrally managed and patient recruitment results were available in real time, 24/7 with PraxisDirec, Praxis ‘ online study management technology. The real-time analysis for an effective allocation of media dollars in the site areas of optimum performance allow direct practice. Industry research shows that on average 30 percent of research spending sides deliver 80 percent of patients for a clinical trial. By identifying these highly motivated sites through practice Direct metrics and focusing media activities in the areas of website with the best follow-up, could we maximize the results to our sponsor, said David Fox, president and CEO of practice. The practice Direct technology also plays an important role in the daily life of the the study coordinator by important support and follow – on treatment results and consistently rated excellent in terms of ease of use and content. It really is all to ensure that we provide the sites with the best and user-friendly services possible to get them to do what they do best, to help the care of patients, says Fox.

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